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833-NJ-BUILD's Professional Relationships and Industry Expertise guarantees a 100% customer satisfaction all while we work and manage your project on your behalf, reducing stress and giving you the ability to focus on your daily responsibilities. Our client centered project approach ensures that your job, no matter how big or small, is completed on time and within budget.


• Current Deck Repair

• Code Compliancy

• New Patios and Extensions

• Wood, Trex, Stone

• 3D Design Renderings

• Custom Backyard Designs

• Benches

• Pool Decks

You've worked very hard and overcame many obstacles in order to live in the home you love. So when it comes time for a vacation, why not vacation at home!?

Sure, we understand that that's an odd concept, but let us elaborate. Your property has unlimited potential. Say you have a small back patio and a pool somewhere in your backyard - why not have it all connected! 

Utilizing a mix of materials we can create a resort-style experience right in your backyard complete with a large deck for entertaining and more! Pairing our custom deck solutions with solutions from our master masons can turn your backyard into an entertainment oasis.


Let's start with some 3D designs so you can see your home's full potential.

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