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Flipping a property is more than buying a home that needs some TLC. Every component needs to be considered from purchase price to a local market's current home values. The goal of flipping a home is to decrease turnaround time and more obviously, making a profit. Setting a realistic timetable for your property build out is imperative and do not forget to factor in sale time. You do not want the property sitting on the market, so be sure to price competitively and to do so means that its very important to stick to your budget. A property sitting on the market means your initial investment and profits are not liquid, thus hindering your ability to start the next project and grow profits. 


When we work with people on property flips, its more than completing the project, its about the education. All those quick pointers above is just the start to successful flipping. Our full service team will work with you on every element of the property flipping process including: 

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